A Colby Ward Production

  • My name is Colby Ward. I currently live and work in the Jacksonville, FL area. I manage an Agile team of Software Developers for a Fortune 200 Company implementing a vast array of projects.
  • In a past life...

    1. » A Senior Software Engineer prior to being promoted to a project manager, then to my current position as Manager.
    2. » Worked for Microsoft in the early 2000s
    3. » Love the better way to run-on a sentence
    4. » Fun fact...Have have met Bill Gates ....while eating dinner at his house (no seriously)
    5. » Left Microsoft, and technology in general, to acquire and renovate rental properties for the better part of a decade.....which I still own and run.
    6. » Re-joined the tech world at my current company in 2011.
  • For Play...

  • » I love spending time with my beautiful wife and two sons. I prefer to be near the water, whether it is surfing, boating, fishing, swimming.
  • Favorites...

  • Personal:

  • » My wife and two sons....luckiest man alive
  • Random:

  • » Ellipses......really better way to relay an idea....or run-on a sentence
  • Languages:

  • » English....kidding...but no I really do like it...don't know how I would make it without it
  • » Web Server: Node.js at the moment, but used to love PHP....although MVC(C#) is very nice
  • » Web Client: HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Angularjs
  • » Mid-Tier: Java (JEE, EJB) although Cloud based Web APIs are very cool (like Google App Engine Endpoints)
  • » Scripting: Python, Perl....hate BASH
  • » Database: Came from a relational world, but shifting towards the Document Model, MongoDB is pretty nice
  • » FAT Client: No doubt C#. Will be interesting to see how the mobile tablet revolution redefines what a FAT client is.
  • Platforms:

  • » Client: Have finally made the switch to Mac (it took a while, but this Macbook is phenominal)
  • * Sorry fellow geeks, Linux will never, ever be the client of choice.
  • And for that matter who cares? It is a great server, leave it be.
  • » Server: Linux (Ubuntu).....does that make the geeks breathe a collective sign of relief?
  • » Mobile: Android Baby!
  • » Graphics: Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop....although the new pricing model stinks and Fireworks is deprecated...what a shame.
  • Philosophy...

  • Life is short, do what you love, with who you love, how you love doing it.
  • Great Quotes...

  • "Victory has many fathers while defeat is an orphan."
    -- Vince Lombardi

  • "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
    -- Dr. Seuss